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El Nicho Waterfalls

Sightseeing on the way to our next city! Nov 8

After a good nights rest, we are up early for breakfast because Alian is picking us up at 8 to move us along. Right on time, Alian pulls up and makes his presence known! We get in his taxi and he announces to us that the air conditioning is fixed! He turns it on and shows us. We are stoked. But it is soon evident that I cannot get good photos shooting through the windshield and windows so we opt for no air conditioning and down go the windows! This morning, we are traveling to a city called “Trinidad”. But on the way, we are going to check out a famous waterfall called, “El Nicho”. So here are some of the sights we see on the way.

So we get here early as we have been advised to. We have the trails in the park almost to ourselves before the afternoon crowds pour in. What a great nature park! Nothing assaults our ears except the distant sound of water and woodland creatures!

We marvel at nature’s beauty for a while and then reluctantly head down the path. We come across another group of tourists that arrived here early like we did. If any of you see this, please comment and let me know!

Back on the road again and sights of the rural countryside greet our eyes again. A roadside stand, farmer, signs celebrating famous people, the shores of the Caribbean and soon, our destination city looms in front of us.

And of course, some of the transport vehicles we saw on the way! And an interesting gateway!

And of course, signs to guide our journey!

So we have arrived in Trinidad, Cuba. Just when we thought we’d seen it all. This is going to be quite the new experience! Alian drives us into the city and we get excited as new eye candy awaits us!

2 Responses to “El Nicho Waterfalls”

  1. Monica Wilson

    Lovely pictures! That park looked like quite a treasure. You sure saw wonderful sights in Cuba. I love all the photos of Cuban life (like the roadside stand!) Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person


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