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Heading South

DAY TWO (Feb 17)

Boarded a mid morning flight and landed in Miami, let’s go get our bags and figure out what to do with them for 5 hours.  What?  Where are they?  All the other passengers have got their bags and here we are standing at the carousel and there are no bags left, let alone OUR bags!  This nightmare is getting worse.  Off to baggage claim to figure this out.  Our luggage is still in Atlanta?  It was supposed to follow us this morning!  We have to go to South America this afternoon!  How do we get our bags there?  So many questions, so much stress!  Not to worry, we’re told, our bags will be shipped!  All we can do is get on the next flight and let the airlines do their job!  Well, at least we don’t have to roll our huge bags around with us for the next 5 hours!  Our lost luggage claim filed (This moment will become more important later) and we’re off to check out Miami for a few hours.  So as a wise friend taught us, “Stay Calm and Get Yourself a Drink!

Grabbed a fun lunch at Chili’s II and kicked back for a few hours, not much else to do.  Not enough time for a proper visit.  We go back in the airport and go through security and check in to our flight to Buenos Aires, only 24 hours later than our original booking.  Sure glad we planned to visit South America for a few days before our Expedition Ship departs!

We board the flight scheduled to leave at 6:00PM, after finding out that our luggage is still in Atlanta, unsure of our luggage whereabouts and we have an eventless flight south. I think we both even managed to get a few hours sleep!  We arrive in Buenos Aires around 7:00AM local time and have a few hours this time to get on our flight to Ushuaia.  Our luggage has not arrived but we knew in Miami that it would not be on the plane.  So we get on a transit bus to go across the airport to our next flight to Ushuaia.  The good news is that our original schedule had us traveling across Buenos Aires to a totally different airport for our flight south to Ushuaia.  Now we travel out of EZE (same airport) to Ushuaia and only have to travel across the airport on an internal bus.

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