The Cuban Art Factory (FAC)

An Evening of Intriguing Art and Music! Nov 11

As the sun sets on the Malecon, we get a taxi to another attraction in Habana that we have been told not to miss.

So our taxi brings us across Habana to our destination for the evening. But it’s still early and our tummies are rumbling again. We walk back to the Malecon in search of a restaurant and we come across an interesting old castle turned restaurant and we go in only to find that a wedding has reserved the place for the evening. So out we go and we find another old building turned restaurant and we go in to find an acceptably priced place to eat and we enjoy a seafood dinner. After dinner, we head back to our evening location to find another pair of lovers that I create an artistic photo to remember them by.

We get back to the place we want to check out, the “Fabrica de Arte Cubano” or “Cuban Art Factory” and we get in the cue. There are approximately 50 or so people in front of us and we chatter happily with a few that speak English while we wait about 30-45 minutes for the place to open. Once inside, we find all kinds of eclectic art displays with at least 6 or 8 well stocked bars to keep everybody filled with cool libations. Music of many kinds play, from live bands to DJ’s and there are at least three rooms that are showing movies and tv shows of one kind or another. I even end up taking part in a live photographers studio and am given a card with an emotion printed on it and I am photographed trying to show that emotion. I take away a business card with a website and am told to visit that site this coming April to see the final photos.

After a fun night visiting some very strange art, we grab a taxi back to our Casa and retire for the evening! See you tomorrow!

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