Galapagos Day 4


I know, I know…  Some of this info and photos have been duplicated from yesterday.  I had some confusion of info while I created this blog.  So enjoy it again!

The best sunrise so far.  Bright and early!  Our Pilot navigated us to our morning destination and gave me a smile as I saw him through the window.

After the Pangas (their word for zodiac boats) brought us to shore, we parked our wetsuits and snorkel gear on the beach and took a hike.  Along the trail, we came across many creatures, among them penguins, crabs, tortoises and lizards.

We were told for today’s hike to NOT wear Yellow!  This is the reason, a Yellow Wasp that saw the color Yellow as a threat or food!  We also came across the ancient remains of a Tortoise.

Back to the shore, we suited up for a morning snorkel and watched pelicans before getting wet to visit Sea Turtles and a playful Sea Lion that decided I was his playtoy!  Fun stuff!

Back on board the boat, there was time to kick back on the upper deck and watch the Frigate Birds that fly with us everywhere while the Captain navigated us to our afternoon destination.  Hey wait!  What is this?  A “Human” Frigate Bird?

Ok, lunch is done.  Let’s get ready for our afternoon snorkel.  But while our stomachs adjust before we get in the water (Remember what your mother taught you, don’t go swimming for at least an hour after eating!), we witnessed a Three Masted Schooner that sailed all the way from England to be here!

New friends to be found in the water today!  Marine Iguanas swimming proved difficult to photograph.  As fierce as they look, they are quite skittish and try to ‘escape’ from you.  Let’s pop our head out of water and see where they went!

Back in the water to see Sea Turtles, Sculpin, Sea Stars that don’t look like stars, Sea Urchins, Schools of fish, and a very friendly Turtle that was as curious about my camera as I was of him (or her)!

Back to the boat to get dry and then on to another island for an afternoon hike!  Scenic pictures, lots of Sally Lightfoot Crabs, Iguanas, Lizards, and even the ancient carcass (only spinal bones) of a whale that was more than a half mile inland?  A pair of Mating Flightless Cormorants and a Sea Lion that didn’t mind Lave Lizard passengers!

Geographic markers showed themselves on occasion and a field of Lava Cactus (Please don’t take a seat!) with more Rope Lava and another field of Marine Iguanas.  Alas, the day is ending, let’s get back on the Pangas and go back to the ship.

273 Galapagos 2018 20180420-IMG_0338

Wait!  There’s more!  Two days before we boarded or ship, a volcano erupted on a nearby island.  Our captain took us there, but now, 5 days after the eruption, All we saw was steam and a couple red spots.  But it was exciting nevertheless!

Ok, goodnight again!  See you in the morning!