Galapagos Day 3

Sunrise and a new day!  Breakfast behind us and our Panga ride to the shore gives us views of new and exciting things!  Penguins to start!

Then we take a hike into the island and find Giant Tortoises and Land Iguanas!  One Tortoise was eating poison apples!  Poisonous to humans, we’re told!

281 Galapagos 2018 20180620-_MG_1217
280 Galapagos 2018 20180620-_MG_1207

We were told not to wear yellow today because of these guys!  Apparently, these nasty wasps see the color yellow as either an enemy or food.  So we heeded the warnings and did not wear yellow!

231 Galapagos 2018 20180420-IMG_9721.jpg

Fun hike and then back to the shore where we don our wetsuits for another snorkel adventure!  Let’s take some photos!

Turtles and Sea Lions abound!  Playful characters have their way with us while we swim and play with them!

Back on board for lunch, we watch and enjoy the flying  creatures that fly with us while our ship is on the move!  Wait, what is that creature flying with us?  It’s rather Human looking!  Oh, Glen get out of the way so we can see our flying friends!

What is this?  A ship that has sailed all the way from England?  Wow, such a journey!  It’s another day in paradise and we get into our wetsuits for a snorkel adventure!

Today, we swim with Marine Iguanas, Sea Turtles and other creatures!  Sea Stars dot our underwater landscape and we even poke our heads above water to find more Iguanas!  Then we go under again to have fun visiting other underwater sights, Sea Urchins, Schools of fish, Corals, more Schools of Fish and back to turtles!

As much fun as we’re having, we must move on.  We visit shores and walk about, seeing Sally Lightfoot Crabs and other sights as we walk on the lava!

266 Galapagos 2018 20180420-IMG_0211

Coming across the bones of an ancient whale that was interestingly a half mile inland, one can only wonder what the situations were to cause this!

And we saw ancient remains of a tortoise!

More Lava Lizards and Sally Lightfoots brought us to Flightless Cormorants Nesting!

270 Galapagos 2018 20180420-IMG_0276
271 Galapagos 2018 20180420-IMG_0291
272 Galapagos 2018 20180420-IMG_0327

Sunbathing Iguanas and Sea Lions lead to sights of Sally Lightfoot Crabs and even a Hermit Crab!  (Check out the video!)

284 Galapagos 2018 20180620-_MG_1289
285 Galapagos 2018 20180620-_MG_1293
286 Galapagos 2018 20180620-_MG_1304
287 Galapagos 2018 20180620-_MG_1310
288 Galapagos 2018 20180620-_MG_1341

The day before we boarded the Alya, there was a volcanic eruption in the Galapagos!  We arrived at the site of the eruption 5 days later and all we could see was steam and a couple spots of red lava.  All in all, a thankful sight and thanks to our captain for getting us here!

275 Galapagos 2018 20180620-_MG_1129

Sunset and an early retirement as tomorrow will be another busy day!