World Tour 2020 At Sea Across the Atlantic

January 13 — Eventless

14 — Quiet. We play the shipboard quizzes with a group of passengers we have gotten to know. We consistently come in second place so we are going to name our team Avis. Some of you will get it! Then I have an hour and a half for my walk and I am building back to my 5 miles slowly. Fun note, my walking app on my phone uses GPS and adds the distance the ship travels in that hour and a half to my walk! So, today, I did 3 miles according to my steps and with the ships movement, I walked 18 miles in an hour! Then it’s time for a quick salad lunch and it’s on to the afternoon. Afternoons bring me to card playing and I am getting better at Whist. Then it’s off to the afternoon quizzes which are harder yet. Still, we come in second place! Back to the room to finish up my photo editing and relax until evening. I think tonight’s show is a Cabaret performed by the ship’s crew. And we’re told it’s “Formal Night” again. What’s up with that? It was Formal Night 3 days ago! I guess we’ll eat in the Buffet tonight. At sunset tonight we once again witnessed the “Green Flash”, that moment at sunset when the sun flashes green right as it disappears! Yes, folks, it’s a real thing!

15 — Eventless

16 — My Birthday. Kicked back and played games with new friends. Afternoon I napped instead of playing Whist. Played games again. Got dressed and Elee took me to “The Grill” where we had some marvelous Rib Eye and Dry Aged New York Steak. The restaurant made me a cake which we took back to the room where we found the other restaurant also made me a cake! So we left the cakes in the room and went out to the top deck lounge called “The Dome” and played more games and listened to music until almost midnight! We crossed the middle of the Atlantic today.

17 — Another day at sea. The weather has become warm as we reach the latitude of the Caribbean Sea and the seas are calm and the weather balmy. People are suntanning and the ship has filled the swimming pools. I put shorts on today and all is good! Internet connections are abysmally slow and I don’t know when I’ll be able to post anything. We’re scheduled to arrive in Willemstad, Curacao on Monday, Jan 20th.

18 — At sea again as we approach the Caribbean Sea. We should enter the Caribbean tonight around 10 PM. It appears we will pass between some of the Antilles Islands but not sure if we will see lights. Seas are calm and it’s warm and the swimming pools are full and open. Actually worked up a sweat walking on deck. Not only am I getting better at Whist, but learning to play Majong is proving quite the challenge. Quite a strategic game. We turned down an invite to attend a “Chef’s Table” tonight because they wouldn’t reveal who is at the table. We will get our own group together and submit it so we know whom we’re dining with.

19 — Saw lights from an island in the Lesser Antilles last night as we crossed from the Atlantic into the Caribbean. This morning brings calm and foggy seas. Up early because we’ve been told the internet works best at this time. Internet is only slightly better but still cannot publish a blog post. Spent the day at sea in the normal fashion, walking, playing games and cards and going to the show in the evening. The show tonight has to be the best one yet, a tribute to Frankie Valle and the Jersey Beats Boys!