Day 15, 16 – Drake Lake!

Mar 1, 2

We sleep in a little this morning as we know there is not much to see.  We are underway back across the Drake Passage.  It is so smooth the Passage is being nicknamed, “Drake Lake”.  I have never in my life seen such smooth water on the wide open seas where huge waves belong!

We have had such good weather crossing the Drake again that we will arrive in Argentina tomorrow morning and aren’t due to land until the following morning.  So we will cruise around Cape Horn tomorrow and maybe have another excursion

Day 16 – Drake Lake, Part 2

Today we sail the remainder of the way across the Drake, once again on “Drake Lake”.  Not much happens except we converse and visit with other passengers and party in the bar and lounge. We are instructed to put our boots in the hall for pickup. It is interesting that they supply us with our jackets but our boots are redistributed for future excursions. If I were king, I would redistribute the jackets and let you take home your boots, LOL.  We turn in early to have the energy for the rest of our trip!

Sights across Drake Lake keep us mesmerized as we return home!

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