World Tour 2020 — Gibraltar

Day 99 — Apr 09 — Gibraltar

Today was another typical Day At Sea. We play games and quizzes in the morning. The afternoon brings card games and Darts League where I win one and lose one. Brings my eight games to 5 wins and 3 loses. Not bad but probably not a win scenario.

We arrive in Gibraltar around 7:30 PM and have an hour until sunset. My cameras are thrilled as they have been parked for several days. Sunset in Gibraltar is interesting but we don’t get a view of the infamous rock wall that everyone knows as “The Rock of Gibraltar”. The “Rock” is partly shrouded in clouds and we are told that it is on the far side of the ‘mountain’ that we see.

We see the sights of Gibraltar from the Harbor at sunset and it is an entertaining evening. The wind is brisk and I am glad I have a warm jacket and ‘Beanie’ to keep my head warm. We are told we are taking on supplies but we never see that happening. Three Passengers depart on a small boat and we wonder why they depart an no supplies come on board.

Soon after the passengers depart, the ship gets under way. So we will figure this out as we move on. It turns out that our stop in Gibraltar was specifically to unload the 3 passengers that are residents of Gibraltar. I’m a bit surprised the ship incurred the expenses of a stop for them as we know other passengers that wanted to disembark in Malta, that was a supply stop, and the ship said no. These 3 passengers must have been important!