World Tour 2020 — Arabian Sea

Day 83 — Mar 24 — At Sea

Back at sea today as we head across the Indian Ocean. It has occurred to us that even though we are stuck at sea and have three more weeks to arrive in England that we are lucky. Our ship is Corona Virus Free (COVID-19) and not many people on the planet are able to socialize like we can. We are one of 29 ships stuck out on the world’s oceans. We are told that we have guards aboard to help protect us from Pirates that are known to be in these waters, especially the Somali Coast, where we’ll be on the 28th to the 30th of this month.

So the games ensue. Cards, Dominoes, Rummykub, Carpet Bowls, etc. Morning, Afternoon and Evening Quizzes, and it’s Karaoke Night! The show tonight is “Legends of Musical Theatre”.

Day 84 — Mar 25 — At Sea

We’re actually in the Arabian Sea now, the northern part of the Indian Ocean. Everything is calm and the games ensue as our day progresses. But it’s time to head for the Bistro as we hear there is an Indian Buffet set up.

Tonight there is a “Bollywood Party” on the open decks and hundreds of passengers gather to party, something very few people in the world can do at this moment. There is Indian music blaring and many dozens of people mingling and dancing and a good time is had by all.

Day 85 — Mar 26 — At Sea

An At Sea Day like any other except as we look out, we see crew members standing on the rails watching the ocean. We also see Fire Hoses laying on deck ready to go and we realize they are keeping an eye out for Pirates. We are approaching the Somali Coast and the potential remedy is to repel pirates with high pressure water hoses. We are still two days from the worst area but everyone is at least on alert.

We plan to attend our “Chef’s Table” dinner tonight for the second time on the trip where we will be served a 9 course meal with wine pairings and a Galley Tour.

In our room, we also find invites to compete in “Master Chef” as both Elee and I have signed up to compete. The competition is set to begin tomorrow morning.

Day 86 – Mar 27 — At Sea

We go to the Master Chef competition this morning and numbers are drawn to determine who cooks which days. There are 12 entries of which Elee and I are two of. I draw ‘7’ and Elee draws ‘6’. So Elee will compete on the second day and I on the third. We all take our seats in the auditorium and the first 3 competitors compete. One guy makes an omelet and two ladies make more complex dishes. A lady from France wins today with a Crepe dish. She doesn’t speak a word of English and the Hotel Manager helps with translation.

Day 87 — Mar 28 — At Sea

Hundreds of dolphins are spotted off the front of the ship this morning as we enter the Gulf of Aden off the Coast of Somalia. Crew members are vigilant on deck as this is the area of the world that has Somali Pirates. Water hoses are at the ready to thwart potential boarders but all is calm. We are told there are 15 cruise ships heading for the Suez Canal like we are.

There is a cocktail party scheduled for 1:00 PM on the upper decks today. We check it out and the Officers on board are mixing their favorite Cocktails. A fun party ensues and I try their concoctions. The remainder of the day consists of games of Cards and Darts where I win at Cards and lose at Darts. Then it’s a show and dinner and off to bed.

Day 88 — Mar 29 — At Sea

This morning I get up early and go for a walk on deck and put in 3 miles. Then, after breakfast, I find some interesting things around the ship to take photos of as my cameras have been complaining they are being ignored. Later in the morning, I win a game of Ring Toss. We are calling this part of the cruise, Camp Columbus. We play silly games most all day and we feel we are in Summer Camp for adults. A ship’s ink pen as a prize and we move on to watch Elee compete in Master Chef, a new edition of the cooking contest. Today Elee wins and moves on the the Semi Finals in about a week. I luck out because I get her meal that the judges don’t eat as my lunch! I prepare for my round in two days. Then it’s on to lunch and cards before meeting some of the guys for a beer. Then off to the show and dinner and bed.