Getting Excited

Between excitement and trepidation for our upcoming trip.  We leave in just over 2 days for a trip the likes of which we’ve never attempted.  Let’s hope we survive and return from it!  We can’t wait to go!  I won’t reveal the destination just yet, but be it known that it is a 3rd world country and our mutual governments don’t see eye to eye, so to speak.  So much so that we are prohibited from staying in hotels and dining in most restaurants!

So we are going to stay with local people and eat with local people.  Ever watch the late Anthony Bourdain and see his travels?  This would compare, I think.  I even stay updated with and we are traveling with rain gear because we don’t “want to miss a thing” (I bet you sang that, didn’t you?)!  The weather forecasts predict a few days of rain from the edges of a hurricane that is predicted to skirt the region.

Travel Warnings from the US State Department don’t deter us (much) and we make sure our travel arrangements comply with State Department Guidelines.  Ok, got everything (I think) that we need.

WAIT, you say that cash is king?  Well it is where we’re going.  In fact, my Credit Cards and Debit Cards don’t even work where we’re going.  So I order currency from my bank that will be welcomed there.  The trip is coming together, way too fast, LOL.

Here we go, wish us Safe Travels!