Galapagos Day 1


I’ve been away from this blog for too long.  So let’s get back to it!

So, as National Geographic asks, “What will bring YOU to Galapagos?

As for me, THIS will bring me, LOL.

102 Galapagos 2018 20180618-IMG_5070
105 Galapagos 2018 20180618-IMG_1735

We soon boarded a ferry that took us to a bus.  Our first sighting of a “Sally Lightfoot Crab” was had here!

106 Galapagos 2018 20180418-IMG_9196

We met our guide, Carlos, and he proceeded to take us to sights on the first island which included a Tortoise Farm.

115 Galapagos 2018 20180418-IMG_9310

Carlos proceeded to tell us all about the great Tortoises and we visited them in their natural habitat.

Then, he led us into a Lava Tube, a tunnel underground that was made by lava flowing and cooling!  The thing I liked about Carlos was his spirit and his lack of following directions!  He took us in the Exit of the Tube and out the Entrance!

127 Galapagos 2018 20180618-_MG_0636

I know you all have wondered what the inside of a turtle looks like!  Doesn’t everybody?  Well, this is the inside of a Tortoise!

Street scenes as we travel toward our highlight of the entire trip!  A roadside graffiti sign needed translation!

I hope you all enjoy this video!  Please turn up your volume and listen to the chewing and breathing of this magnificent creature!

134 Galapagos 2018 20180418-IMG_9214

Then we came across a store where you can rent local transportation.

We arrive at the docks and our anticipation and excitement level rises as we approach the highlight destination of the entire vacation!  Please pay close attention to the sign with the rules!

We get in the “Panga” (Zodiac) boats and travel out in the harbor towards our next adventure!  Ahhh, here is our home for the next 8 days!

So we board and explore the boat, the “Alya” (pronounced Ah-Lee-Ah), a luxury catamaran to be our home.  Well, all the passengers (all 16) had not arrived yet, so we kicked back on the upper sundeck and explore the boat!

A short Panga ride and our first view of “Golden Sting Rays”, then back to the Alya at dusk.  So I try my hand at a long exposure on a moving Panga (Zodiac) as we approach our boat.

When we came back into our Stateroom, we were surprised by a gift from the boat for our 30th Anniversary!

Goodnight all, we’ll see you in the morning for our first real excursion in the Galapagos!