World Tour 2020 — Mediteranean Sea

Day 94 — Apr 04 — At Sea

The Mediterranean Sea is a bit rougher at 1-3 meters and we can feel that we are again on a ship. We notice they have started to ‘attach’ items in the Bistro Restaurant and we suspect they are preparing for even rougher seas. This morning’s quiz is early and we have another (we think the last) practice lifeboat drill.

Elee competes in the Semi Finals of Master Chef today and wins a spot in the Finals! I, of course, eat her finished dish for my lunch and it’s a win-win!

The seas this afternoon are 3-4 meters and I’m in love with them. My perfect seas! I can actually feel that I am on a ship. I don’t win at Darts today and I am paired with the best Player in the League. I actually play better than him! Go Figure!

Day 95 — Apr 05 – At Sea

We are in the Mediterranean Sea again today and I don’t want to get out of bed. I love the rocking of the ship in waves that are easily 4 meters high. But I do what has to be done and get up and shower. We go to breakfast and get ready for our day. We attend the Master Chef Semi Final and find out who Elee will compete against in the final a couple days from now.

I play two rounds of Darts this afternoon and win both of them. I’m in 3rd or 4th place at the moment with at least 6 rounds left to play. It is Karaoke Night tonight so we get ready for the show and dinner and pace ourselves to stay up for Karaoke.

Karaoke singers are improving for the most part. There are a few, however, that probably should stay off the stage. But a good time is had by all and we turn in for the night.

Day 96 — Apr 06 — Malta

Today is a ‘Technical Call’, meaning to take on fuel and supplies. The seas have calmed down and are almost like glass. I will miss the 3-4 meter seas of the last couple days. We drop anchor at noon. If you look at the horizon, you can make out the existence of land. We are hoping to go into the harbor for supplies as we are told it is one of the most beautiful harbors in the world. There are dozens of freight ships and oil tankers anchored near us.

A “Garbage Scow” sidles up to us and trash is offloaded. There is speculation that there is fuel aboard the Scow but that is disproven when a huge oil tanker comes up to the other side of the ship and fuels us. I don’t believe we are taking on any food or supplies here. But we are anchored from noontime until after dark.

The Passenger Choir will entertain us in the show tonight and we get seats early to see the show.

Day 97 — Apr 07 — At Sea

Another normal day at sea. There is a delicious barbecue on deck for lunch. I win at whist and at darts. It’s a good day. We cap it off with dinner in “The Grill”, the on board steak house.

Day 98 — Apr 08 — At Sea

The weather has cooled down substantially in the last week. It is warm in the sun but cool enough in the shade to desire a sweater. Master Chef Finals are scheduled for this morning but Elee’s competitor, Isabela, or Izzy, is not feeling well so they have postponed the final. Instead, they do a competition between the Hotel Manager and the Restaurant Manager with Elee and two other earlier competitors as the Judges. The result is a hilarious hour of fun.