Galapagos Day 2


Last night was an interesting experience.  I thought I had felt rough seas when we traveled through the Panama Canal a couple years ago.  But that was a rocking and rolling ocean liner a quarter of a mile long!  And it was hard to walk on the ship!  This was much milder seas, I’m sure, but the Alya is a 105 foot long catamaran.  So I’m glad I took Dramamine before boarding!  I made sure to stay medicated for our entire trip after having a potential motion sickness problem through the Panama Canal.  That being said, even though I am prone to sea sickness, I have to say that I absolutely LOVE the feeling of a rocking ship!  Falling asleep is totally pleasurable as the waves rock me to sleep!  Dramamine, I love you!!!

Sunrise on our first full day in the Galapagos!  Breakfast behind us, we load the Pangas and set off for our first photo adventure!

Our intrepid hosts for this blog adventure, make sure we protect ourselves from sunburn as we look like Indiana Jones Wanna-be’s in our gear!

Our first sighting….  Marine Iguanas!  Several of them.  NO, not several of them, hundreds of them!  Wait, not HUNDREDS, THOUSANDS!!!  Are you kidding me?  If this is any barometer of things to come, then it will surely be a phenomenal vacation!

181 Galapagos 2018 20180619-_MG_0844

We make landfall on an island that turns out to be our most treacherous hike of the entire trip!  Way to break us in early, Carlos!  We have to be careful of every step as each one is either an ankle turner or a sharp lava spike that will pierce our shoes!

I found it amazing that even cactus grows here in the lava fields, but time heals all and nature proceeds forward!  “Rope” lava everywhere and “Lava Lizards” abound.  Over one hundred species of fern lives here.

Then we come across fresh water pools and ponds where Herons and Flamingos thrive!  So all got into taking pictures and we even found “Lava Cactus” growing out of the cracks!

193 Galapagos 2018 20180419-IMG_9422

Back in the Pangas for another ride and we get a glimpse of Golden Rays again!

Many birds and lava formations made us look closely to see the wonderful things that were there.  If you look close, you will see the amazing camouflage of the Flightless Cormorant!

Then, on the next island, we find one of the wonderful species in all of the Galapagos, the Blue Footed Boobie!  This would be the first time my wife would approve of me photographing Boobies!

Flightless Comerants and Blue Footed Boobies, together and hanging out!  Throw in some Penguins and Sally Lightfoot Crabs and the image is complete!  Our excitement level and relaxation level compete for satisfaction.  This is definitely a paradise!  Throw in another shot of Golden Rays and even a Sea Turtle from above!

207 Galapagos 2018 20180419-IMG_9449

Okay, I missed the part where we fit ourselves for wetsuits on the boat and now I find myself looking at my true love, all suited up and ready to enjoy our first snorkel adventure!

Finally!  We get to see what is in the water!  We start with Sea Turtles, a marvelously graceful creature that is not afraid of humans (Thank God!) and will swim with you!  Throw in an Octopus and some colorful fish and our first snorkel adventure is complete!

Wow, my love!

216 Galapagos 2018 20180419-IMG_9646

Back on board, after dinner, we met the crew.  Starting from the right to the left, we introduce to you our Cruise Director, Mishel (pronounced Michelle), Out Captain, Pilots X Two, Panga Pilots (One of them hidden), Chef and Cooks!

217 Galapagos 2018 20180619-_MG_0727

I snuck into the Bridge for a photo…


Every night our Cruise Director and Guide would put tomorrows schedule up on the lounge TV.  A very helpful tool indeed!

And don’t forget my Time Exposure Night Photos, this of the moon from a moving, floating boat!

Goodnight again!  Can’t wait to see what the morrow will bring!