Another Full Day in Habana

Our Second Full Day in Habana on our own! Nov 12

Today, we arise and go out and find breakfast. We actually go into a large hotel just to see how the Europeans do it and breakfast is lackluster at best and it costs $70 by the time we get out of there! We’re glad we didn’t try this before! Tummies satisfied, we walk around the top floor of the hotel and find an outdoor patio for a view. Strange art sculpture adorn the lobby as we leave.

We spy a form of transportation that we have not, as of yet, ridden in and we approach them with the intent to get a ride. Alas, we are disappointed when we are quoted a higher price that even the Classic Cars charge! The miser in me comes out, especially after the outrageous breakfast and we decline the ride.

A stroll around the area reveals more graffiti art and our cameras are happy once again. Even a poster of an ex American President shows up!

I haven’t posted many photos of local Cubans to date, so it is time to put some up. I hope you enjoy!

Street scenes and live music in a park and it’s time for a cool beer again in the uncomfortable heat and humidity!

The band engages us and we party with them for a bit. See their latest moracca player! We meet more tourist and make new friends!

A typical street scene!

More fun shots from our walk on the Malecon…

Other fun street scenes that didn’t make it into a category!

More uncategorized images, transportation vehicles and an outdoor restaurant for lunch.

Our last dinner at Habana 61!

One more evening in town and I’m not tired yet. While Elee retires for the evening, I bring a cigar and some honey with me and go back to the local park with the live music and I order a cold brew and meet a couple from Europe with the same thought. I offer them some of the honey and show them the trick the Cuban farmers taught me with the honey cigar filter and we become fast friends and they let me photograph them! If you guys see this, please comment and get in touch!

So I’ll say adios for the evening and retire. For tomorrow, our trip will be over and we go back home. Cuba has been a marvelous trip. Compliments of my late Mom who feared for me traveling but always wanted to see where I would go next. This trip was for you, Mom!

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