Antarctica? Really?

Okay, travel jitters again. Can I really travel without stress? One can wonder. Stay with me here and see where I can go!!!

So right now I should be flying somewhere over Venezuela or Brazil. Instead, the Airlines screwed up a flight crew and we are spending the night in an Airlines funded hotel in Atlanta and scheduled to fly south in the morning. Sheesh!

Day two and we are still in the country. 28 hours of travel has gotten us from LA to Miami. Probably should have driven here, LOL. And we will board a plane to take us to Buenos Aires in 2 hours and we find out our luggage is still in Atlanta with all our cold weather clothes! The airlines supposedly is trying to get our luggage to us before we get on a ship in Tierra del Fuego. Gonna be interesting for sure. Had to buy new underwear because we will be in the same set of clothes for 3 days, at least we’ll have clean undies like my mother taught me! So as a wise friend taught me, “Stay Calm and Get Yourself a Drink!

Here we go again, we are on Day 3 of our new adventure. We have arrived in Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina, sans luggage. It is a brisk 35 degrees and I’m glad I bought a sweatshirt in Miami! Beautiful town, the southernmost city in the world. Delta is telling us our luggage will arrive tomorrow before noon. We have already purchased some things on their dime and a shopping trip in town proves fruitful although we would have never spent this much by our choice! But with luggage promised on the way and our research having pointed out the stores to go to in case the luggage doesn’t get here and things are looking up. Now off to dinner and see if we can find some of that great lamb that Argentina brags about! The photos are a sample of why people come here!

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