Galapagos Day 8

Our trip is winding down.  This is our last full day in the Galapagos.  No scheduled snorkeling today!  But our Pangas take us to a pristine White Sand Beach for a relaxing morning!  We encounter an ancient shipwreck and Turtle Nests!

An inland hike brings us to a freshwater pond and scenic views.  Iguana Tracks paint themselves in the sand and ground cover abounds!

A relaxing Pelican appears as a rock formation and a rock formation casts strange shadows!

Sally Lightfoot Crabs dot the landscape and become commonplace even though we know they will become a memory soon!  Grey Herons and scenic birds flying create a surreal vision that enchants the senses.  Mossy covered areas convey color palates that excite our eyes!

Sleeping Flamingos catch our eyes and one feeding catches our attention!

It’s time to relax and reflect on our trip.  What am I kidding you?  I’m not ready to reflect on squat!  But to close my eyes and lay on a pristine white sand beach?  I’m here.  Let’s do this!  Toes in the sand?  I know, our toes are ugly!  But they are our toes and they are in the sand as the surf washes over them!  Jealous?  I bet, no, I hope you are!  By the way, did anyone see the Dark Witch in the Sky?

925 Day 9 Galapagos 2018 20180624-_MG_2364

Footprints in the sand, what could be better?

Other sights, including people, machines and wildlife on a relaxing pristine beach!  Please enjoy another run of Blue Footed Boobies diving for food!

Back on board our ship, our new Cruise Director gives us a tour of the Galley and Engine Room before lunch.

Then we board the Panga’s for a last excursion to a new island for another hiking adventure!  Can you see the “I Heart Cactus”?  LOL

Birds scavenging from the waves of the sea, Sea Lions basking in the late afternoon sun, Doves and Galapagos Gulls feeding!  Cages have been built to protect growing cactus so they can feed future generations of Iguanas and other species, a great effort by the progressive Ecuadorian Government!  Please turn your volume up for the video of the waves crashing in the cove!

987 Day 9 Galapagos 2018 20180624-IMG_1882
988 Day 9 Galapagos 2018 20180624-IMG_1898

But in the meantime, we stumbled across a Land Iguana having dinner.  Whoa!  Dinner?  What?  Wait, how can anything eat that?  Cactus?  Spines?  Wow, this is Amazing! And when my camera got a bit too close, he (or she) looked up as if to say, “You want a piece of my cactus?

But what is this?  Galapagos Gulls!  Landing, why is that one sitting on this one?  A Mating Ritual?  Of course!  What else could it be?

As we approach sunset, birds flying and landing are pronounced, and the landscape becomes dramatic!

1000 Day 9 Galapagos 2018 20180625-_MG_2538

Back on the Alya, a night shot of the moon again!

Goodnight All, we’ll see you in the AM!