World Tour 2020 — Phuket to Sri Lanka

Day 77 — Mar 18 — Phuket, Thailand

Today is a “Technical Day” as we rendezvous with the Vasco De Gama, another ship in the fleet and 167 Australian and New Zealand Nationals move to the other ship and 63 Brits board our ship. The Vasco De Gama is headed to Fremantle, Australia. The two ships also swap supplies and the Vasco sails away after having been at anchor while waiting six days for us.

We, however, after the transfer, stay at anchor for some unknown reason.

Day 78 — Mar 19 — Phuket, Thailand Day 2

I wake up around dawn and look out my window to see we are still at anchor and there is a supplies barge tied up to us. So we take on supplies. But at noon the barge is still attached to us. Some of the barge crew is even sleeping on cots on its decks. The barge finally moves away from us around 12:30 and we pull anchor and get underway. We have another “Technical Day” scheduled for Sri Lanka to take on fuel.

This afternoon, a shipmate has posted notices for all Americans to meet in the Pub onboard for a party/meeting. Pretty much all 92 Americans are in attendance and Elee stands up front and takes charge of the meeting. It is pointed out that this is just a time to collect questions and concerns about how we can get home. The world news, which we read every day, is reporting border closures around the globe as the Covid-19 Pandemic spreads. She tells all about her efforts to contact our State Department and US Embassy in London. She also urges all Americans to try to contact their representatives.

Day 79 — Mar 20 — At Sea

A normal At Sea Day. I did win at Whist and got a Drink of the Day Coupon! Elee got to do her “Aqua-Aerobics” in the pool!

Day 80 — Mar 21 — At Sea

Normal Day At Sea. I do catch a distant shot of a Floating Crane Ship. I would guess it is designed to offload containers from a distressed ship.

Day 81 — Mar 22 — At Sea

The only note today is I won my Darts Match, 2 to 1. Here are some games we play on board! And even a bug on the window!

Day 82 — Mar 23 — Technical Stop in Sri Lanka

We arrive in Colombo, Sri Lanka around 10 AM, about 3 hours later than scheduled. Many photos are taken of our arrival and the cameras are happy. They have been bored for so long! This is an interesting city which we cannot visit. A “Technical Stop” means we take on fuel and supplies. We actually dock in a very busy Seaport where Shipping Containers and Port Cranes can be seen all around us. There are also towers that we wish we could climb, a Mosque we would love to visit, along with countless other sights that will have to wait for better times. We are scheduled to leave around 3 PM but our 3 hour late arrival means we should leave around 6 PM and we do.

Views off the ship were the only things that kept our cameras satisfied!

A few more photos as we leave and the setting sun over the shipping cranes grab the attention of my photo hungry cameras. Several mid day photos are also taken as the Smog clears. It is interesting to note that smog is an issue here as opposed to the USA where smog has, for the most part, been eliminated.

Yesterday, Elee felt oddly sad. Today I feel Melancholy also. I ignore the Whist Card Game and play Bocce Ball on the upper deck. We are only slightly north of the Equator and the Vernal Equinox occurred a few days ago so it is hot and humid, although it is not as humid as it has been in the South Pacific Islands and Australia.

It is a Formal Night tonight and we outfit ourselves in a suit and gown for the show and dinner. The show tonight is named “Eastern Delights” and starts out with Middle Eastern songs and develops into Far East Music. Interesting but not their best show. The onboard entertainment is still the best we have seen and the singers and dancers are quite entertaining.