Day 9 Evacuation!

Day 9 — Feb 23

After almost 24 hours sailing back north for the evacuation, we arrive at King George Island.  During the trip north we are treated to many sighting of whales and my camera is entertained with breaches and blows and fluke dives!  The evacuation occurs as planned and all is well, although we never see the evacuation as they wisely put us all in zodiacs and take us for a tour of the area while they load up the ill lady and get her to shore safely.

We cruise around the bay and see an iceberg the size of two city blocks.  Yes, I said TWO CITY BLOCKS…  This Iceberg was about 30 Meters tall out of the water (100 feet), which meant it was likely 60 Meters below water (200 feet).  We rode around it, cameras happily clicking away, Blue, Grey and White Ice grabbing our senses and lenses as we were amazed at the enormity of this floating Berg.

We go back to the ship and enjoy the remainder of the evening in the bar where crew members regale us with stories of their adventures!  Mind numbing concoctions are consumed and stories get more exciting.  We finally turn in for the evening with the assurance that the ship is traveling back south in hopes of making up time.

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