World Tour 2020 — April Fools!

Day 91 — Apr 01 — At Sea

April Fools Day and the games are afoot! The daily program announces several new activities like, “Ziplining Into The Pool”, “Jet Skiing To Shore”, Bungee Jumping Off The Back Of The Ship (Beware of the propellers!)”, “Horse Riding on Pet Horses On Deck 4”. Some people aboard believe it. Some of the wait staff even concoct their own jokes. One waiter comes to pick up my dirty dishes as usual and instead, puts a pile of dirty dishes in front of me! It’s all in good fun!

We pass several oil tanker ships and cargo ships as we sail nearer to the Suez Canal. We should be there in two more days. This afternoon, we enter the “Egg Drop” Contest where we have to come up with a way to protect a raw egg from breaking when it is dropped from Deck 14 to Deck 12. Unfortunately, our design is a massive failure and our egg is totally demolished!

Day 92 — Apr 02 — At Sea

This morning we have a “Fete” up on deck. Okay, you might know it better as a “Carnival”. The Entertainment Crew hosts 9 Carnival Games, which turn out to be the games that many of us have been playing every morning on board. So some of us have an advantage. So we all compete and turn in our scores. I turn in a score of 178. It turns out that 185 wins! I don’t win but I must be in the top 3! The winner is a lady that joins us for the games every morning and we are happy for her. Go Helen!

Lunch is an Arabic Themed Buffet and it is delicious! Then the rest of the day is a regular Day At Sea. Except we arrive in Suez, Egypt and anchor outside the Canal around 8:00 PM and await our turn to enter the Canal.