Day 17 – Cape Horn and Tren Del Fin Del Mundo!

Mar 3

This morning we sail around Cape Horn just for the fun of it!  The scenery has started to invade our senses and we spend the early morning on deck with our cameras.  A few hours later, we arrive back in Ushuaia where this excursion began.  What started out with high stress has turned into a vacation of a lifetime.  We go to breakfast for the last time on the ship and they give us our disembarkation instructions.

We are not in the first groups to disembark for those are reserved for those who need to get to the airport for early flights.  We are scheduled to spend the night in Ushuaia and travel on to Buenos Aires tomorrow.  So we watch Flightless Timber Ducks in the water and other sights while we wait.

So, a few hours later we find ourselves back in Ushuaia with our luggage and we check into our new hotel for a day.  We store our luggage and grab a taxi to the National Park where we buy tickets to ride the Historic Prisoner Train (Tren del Fin del Mundo) through the park.  It turns out we end up spending an 5 extra dollars each and get our own train car, complete with wine and lunch!  What a deal!

The train takes us through the countryside and stops at a hike to a waterfall.  We only have time to hike up, take a few photos, and hike back down to the train.  Then we ride to the end of the line where we get off and check out the area.

The ride back is scenic and uneventful and we are relaxed and enjoying ourselves, a bit of a different mindset than the last time we were here.  We check out the museum at the train station and grab a taxi back to town.

Walking around town this time is more relaxed and laid back that before. We find some interesting street art on many walls and buildings. Not graffiti, mind you, but talented art!  We find dinner and see the town one more time.

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