Galapagos Day 6

Galapagos Day 6  Day  (Day 7 of Pics)

Another inviting sunrise and it’s time for a morning coffee as we sit outside and await the breakfast call.

704 Galapagos 20180622-_MG_1689

Breakfast over with, the Pangas take us to shore on our newest island and we wade ashore.

An absolutely gorgeous beach to hike on, we find many photo opportunities and sights to check out.  Is this place real?  A true Paradise, for sure!  Check out the Sea Turtle trail to it’s nest!

And a motto I have always tried to live by (Having been a Boy Scout all my life), “Take only Photographs (Memories), Leave only Footprints!”

Different birds greeted us.  An ‘American Oystercatcher’ trolling the surf edge for a meal, and ‘Blue Footed Boobies’ diving for a meal!  Fun morning!

Here I am with my wife, ‘Waiting for our Ship to Come in!’  Oh look, here it comes now!  Let’s load up and head out!  “Carlos, take us to our next adventure!”

Before lunch, we have time for a morning snorkel adventure that we have become accustomed to looking forward to!  Many underwater sights greet us!

742 Galapagos 20180422-IMG_1090

Wait!  Is that?  Really?  It is!  Wow, maybe I should get out of here?  No, I need to get closer!  But wait, this may not be a good idea!  But it is soooo cool!  I have to see better.  Damn it surf, slow down, stop tossing me around!  Hold the camera steadier!  Whoa, it IS!  Not kidding here!  Wait, take a deep breath.  That’s it, I’m too excited!  Breathe slower.  That’s better.  Just got too excited.  Yes, that’s better.  Hold the camera steady.  But damn, it’s head is in the shadows.  Take the damn picture, Don!  See the white tips?  Get a shot, will you?  Not kidding here!  It’s a White Tipped Shark!  Did I say ‘SHARK’?  I did!  But it’s so cool.  It’s sleeping on the bottom!  A Shark!  Should I really be here?  Ok, get the shot and move on.  Wish it were not partly in shadow.  But I saw it.  Sooooo cool!

Well, I’m certainly awake now!  So the rest of the snorkel presents quite the array of colorful sights!

 Back on board the ship, there is time for a bit of sun up on the upper deck before lunch.  Then we suit up again for an afternoon snorkel which has become such an exciting prospect for another new adventure!  I don’t think I have ever looked forward to snorkeling as much as I have this trip!

This time, along with many colorful sights and fish, we came across Moray Eels (Sounds scary, right?) and many other fun underwater creatures and Sea Turtles!

Then we get out of the water and change back into hiking clothes for another fun trek along another island and more fun sights!  Baby Sea Lions, Sally Lightfoot Crabs, A Yellow Warbler looking at it’s own shadow, Brown Herons, Lava Lizards, Marine Iguanas sunning themselves, even one hiding in a shady crevice.

Interesting landscapes and a bush that appeared dead but was very much alive!  We hiked back to the shore where our Pangas picked us up where the sea Lions lazed about.  When we got back to the ship, our Captain awaited our return!

Well, goodnight again and we’ll see you in the new day!