2021 Albuquerque Day 05 Santa Fe

Saturdy, October 9, 2021

This morning we sleep in a little. Turns out a good thing as the winds are too high (over 10mph) and the balloons can’t take off! Weather predictions for tomorrow (last day of Fiesta) are the same and we think we are lucky as we got to ride a balloon in the last Mass Ascension of the Fiesta!

So we decide to skip breakfast and drive to Santa Fe for lunch! We drive the hour and research lunch places on the way. We find a Venezuelan Restaurant called “Santarepa” and order a Super Sampler Platter with food we can’t pronounce! When I order it, the waitress wants to know what flavor we want for each item. Well, we can’t even pronounce the foods or flavors so I ask her to pick random flavors for us and she does! It is all delicious!

We find ourselves only a couple blocks from the main Plaza in Santa Fe and we park the car and wander around the art displays. Some local Indians are putting on a Music and Dance Display. Jewelry Vendors abound. We find a Painter’s display and look for potential wall art for our home but nothing reaches out and grabs us.

We find an old church that is open and happily take our cameras inside! We photograph churches and cathedrals all over the world every chance we get!

We then find the locations for some ancient Pueblo Houses and some Cliff Dwellings but it turns out that Covid has closed them. One can only think that they can’t find Docents to give tours. So we make our way back to Albuquerque and take a nap!

We awaken a couple hours later and look up places to have dinner. Once again, we choose a Steak House that was featured on Triple D (Diners, Drive Ins and Dives by Guy Fieri) and this one is a “Dive”, being in the back of a liquor store! But the food is truly amazing and the steaks tender!

Back at our condo, we kick back for the rest of the evening and find time to write this Blog. Only need to edit our photos and get this page published!

See you tomorrow!