2021 Albuquerque Day 06 Zoo

Sunday, October 10, 2021

We sleep in again and find that we saved money because the Balloon Fiesta wasn’t able to launch today (or yesterday) because of winds too strong (more than 10mph). So it seems that we were lucky to be a part of the last Mass Ascension on Friday!

Today we get breakfast and head towards the BioPark Zoo and Aquarium and Botanical Gardens! Fun stuff for our cameras that have become absolutely too lazy! It is a fun and relaxing day and soon we are ready to move on.

So we leave the Bio Environment and decide to find a Winery for a tasting. We come across Noisy Waters Winery and settle in for a four flight tasting. After the first flight, we order a Cheese Platter and the atmosphere is lively! All of a sudden, a person of our past walks up to our table and we greet Felecia, a fellow guest from our 2020 RTW (Round The World) Tour cruise ship! We knew she was in town, but Albuquerque is a large place and we never thought we’d meet up! At least without planning it!

A lovely visit we have and we catch up on our lives as we enjoy some wine and cheese! Unbeknownst to us, the store lets us know they are closing. So we cash out and walk away. We say goodbye to our old friend and find a restaurant to have dinner in.

It turns out we have chosen to have dinner at “Seared Bistro”, a restaurant in Old Town Albuquerque that has struggled through Covid and has survived! The restaurant is owned and operated by Jan Tenchipe and her husband (the Chef), Alejandro Tenchipe! We are here on their 6th Wedding Anniversary and they are working their asses off to provide for their clientele!

I order their Cioppino and their Roasted Chicken with Green Chili Calabacitas! A mouthful for sure but the most delicious dish I have had in a very long time!

Jan and her husband Alejandro come visit us at our table and share life experiences! How many Owners and Chefs have ever done that with you? Such a fun night with absolutely great food and we would do it all again if we are ever in town!

Jan and Alejandro promise us they are taking tomorrow off to celebrate their Anniversary and we believe them! (As we find they are closed on Mondays!, LOL) We also spot some fun decor on the walls, after all, this is the town where they filmed Breaking Bad! So next time you’re in Albuquerque and find yourself in Old Town, make sure you visit “Seared Bistro”! You won’t be sorry, and make sure to say hi to Jan and Alejandro for us!

So we turn in with happy faces as we prepare to head home tomorrow!

Good night everybody!