2021 Montana Day 01 Travel

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

We get to the airport on time this morning and check in. Everything goes smoothly and our half empty plane leaves on time for a short 2 hour flight to Salt Lake City, Utah. The worst part of the trip is the fact that we have to wear our masks!

We have about an hour free in the airport so we hit the pub for cold refreshment!

Our second flight from Salt Lake City to Kalispell, Montana is full to overflowing! Who goes to Kalispell at this time of year anyway? The flight is bumpy and the crew decides not to even give us water. Luckily, the flight is just over an hour and we arrive safely in Montana. We pick up our rental car and they are short of cars so we end up with a spacious minivan!

It’s only a 20 minute drive to Whitefish (our destination) and we check in to a very quaint, but nice Lodge. The Duck Inn Lodge. We have to carry our bags up stairs to our room as there is no elevator. We’re not in California anymore Toto! But the room is very nice with a fireplace in the room and our own private balcony!

We then find our way about a half mile to downtown Whitefish where we peruse a local Farmer’s Market before we locate a restaurant our Lodge Concierge recommended, Craggy Range Bar & Grille!

The food is delicious and the beer and wine are refreshing! I have a Montana IPA that is very good and Elee opts for a Pinot Grigio. I have Steak Tips smothered in Blue Cheese and Elee has a Grilled Turkey sandwich. They are both delicious!

We walk back to our van and drive the half mile to our Lodge, making a stop at Safeway for water and incidentals.

See you all tomorrow where our adventure really begins!