2021 Montana Day 04 Hungry Horse

Friday, October 1, 2021

Today we sleep in until 9AM. We get to breakfast at 9:45. Breakfast goes until 10:00 AM. “What’s left for food”, we ask the guys in the kitchen? “There’s some breakfast casserole left.” They answer. We realize they are not enthused with our question. Then we realize that the free breakfast ends at 9:30AM. Oops! Our bad! But they get breakfast ready for us and are happy about it. Lesson learned. We take a short hike around the grounds of the Lodge.

We get ready to head out for the day and we head towards Hungry Horse Dam and find quite the scenery and reflections on the reservoir and our cameras are once again thrilled with us! Fun day as we walk the half mile long dam across one side and back the other.

Then we find the access road to the base of the dam and find a few more fun photos.

Now it’s time for a bite to eat and we stop at “Huckleberry Land” and have “Elk Burgers” Fun lunch and we buy a few trinkets in the general store.

Next we find “White Raven Winery” and stop in for a tasting. The owner/winemaker personally greets us and gives us a tour of the facilities. Fun afternoon. We even purchase a couple fun wines!

Then we head back to the Lodge and freshen up for the evening. We drive downtown and meet the wedding party for the Rehearsal Dinner and there are 100 people there! We meet people we have known and people new to us. The Groom’s father proceeds to Toast his son, but it turns into more of a Roast! Still in good fun though and a good time is had by all!

Back to our Lodge and we say goodnight! See you tomorrow!