2021 Montana Day 07 Travel

Monday October 4, 2021

This morning, we get up at around 4 AM and haul our luggage as quietly as possible down the stairs and pack up the minivan. We head for the airport via GPS Navigation only to find there are two airports in Kalispell, Montana! Who would have known? But now we are late and we rush across town another 10 miles to the correct airport. We return the van and haul our luggage into the airport to find the check in counters closed!

What do we do now? Elee checks with another airline and the attendant says she can help us, but she checks her watch and says we have 3 minutes to check our bags! Luckily for us, she gets them checked and we head for security and make it through rather quickly. Thank you ‘TSA Precheck’!

We get to the Gates and there is time for breakfast. So we relax after fearing missing our plane. The day becomes a whirlwind of travel as we first fly to Salt Lake City, have a couple hours layover, and fly on to Albuquerque, our next exciting destination!

We arrive mid afternoon, get our rental car, and make it to our hotel, albeit more like a condo. It has a full kitchen and is very comfortable. Dinner and to bed as travel days always wear us out!