Contest Rules

1st Annual “Win A Framed Piece of Art” Contest Rules

  1. To be an “Entrant”, one must officially “Follow” our Blog and be on our “Follow” list.  Entrants that “Email Follow” will automatically double their chances of winning.
  2. Every “Comment” will receive an additional chance to win.
  3. Winners will be determined by a random algorithm designed by us.  We will not know who the winner is until the algorithm has completed.
  4. There may be more than one winner based on volume of Followers and Comments.
  5. We will run the algorithm once per week.  If there are no winners, we will run the algorithm the following week.  We will run the Contest for 8 weeks or until there is a winner.  This means there could be up to eight winners.
  6. All Entrants must be private citizens of the world.  No Corporations or business entities will be considered for a prize.
  7. If the Winning Entrant resides in the Continental US, the prize will be a Framed Image of the winner’s choice (but must be an image found within the Blog at the time of the algorithm choosing that winner).
  8. If the Winning Entrant resides outside the Continental US, the prize will be a printed image of the Winners choosing (See number 7) but it will not be framed due to shipping concerns, it will be rolled and shipped in a mailing tube for the Winner to frame by themselves.
  9. The image may be chosen by the winning entrant but the frame will be one of our choosing.  We may, at our discretion, upgrade the frame or size of the prize based upon the participation of the winner.  For example, if “John Doe” is chosen by the algorithm and our research shows that Mr. Doe has made many Comments of a constructive nature, we may opt to upgrade the prize.  This is totally our option.
  10.   The winner, upon being chosen, must submit their mailing address (not a PO Box) to receive their prize.  If the Winner does not submit a valid address within 7 calendar days of receiving the email announcing their win, that prize will not be awarded.  Likewise, if the Winner has not “Email Followed” the Blog, then we will announce their name on the Blog and they will have 7 calendar days to submit their email and 3 more calendar days to submit a valid mailing address.
  11.   We are not responsible for invalid mailing addresses or other failures to receive a prize due to inaccurate information supplied by the Entrant or 3rd party shipping companies.  Reshipping a prize returned for incorrect shipping info will not be available. Physical damage by a third party shipping company will not result in a replacement prize being issued unless the winner opts, at his or her expense prior to the prize being shipped, to purchase shipping insurance for the package. Insured value will be the value of the Fine Art Piece as it would hang in a Gallery. Insurance only applies to Domestic US Addresses only. Foreign packages will not be insured.