Touring Oregon Day 06

Saturday, July 10, 2021

Today we drive into Portland!

The bridges into the city are immense!

We immediately stumble across “Old Town” and an Artist’s Fair! So we ‘cruise’ the Fair!

We walk by the river and are entertained by a boat and rider in tow!

Old style street lamps catch the attention of my camera! Then a cable car!

We drive out of town and come across Mc Menamenns Brewery in Troutdale, a winery and brewery that had lots of events going on. 3 Weddings and 2 Funerals (LOL, Celebrations of Life). Sounds like a movie title! Also a “Brewfest”! We went into the Winery and had a tasting flight!

So a couple more photos and it’s ‘call it a day’!

See you tomorrow!