Touring Oregon Day 08

Monday, July 12, 2021

We leave Eric and Mary and drive east to find Crater Lake. Breathtaking views abound as we find the rim road and start touring. We stop to take a short hike along the side of the lake before moving on around the lake.

A road side waterfall catches our attention and we stop for a few minutes. The lake is windless and the reflections are perfect!

Our cameras are happy campers as we travel around the lake! We even spot some remnants of glacial snow at the edges of the lake! At one stop, we meet a couple who have rented an interesting van and they give us a tour of it.

On one shore of the lake, there is a set of hoodoos that have survived the test of time. Also we see an island that resembles a shipwreck. We arrive at Crater Lake Lodge and find sandwiches for lunch!

On a Fluke, we check with the Lodge and they have a cancellation and we get a room overlooking the lake! Sunset is beautiful and we visit with some friendly guests.

Evening falls and we turn in for the night. See you manana!