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Win a piece of framed art for your wall!

Okay, some of you have heard rumors regarding this. In the next week (or two) you will see the rules and prizes for our first annual Blog Contest! Basically, in a nutshell, for example, what you need to do, but only if you want to, if you like corny jokes it will help, but seriously, you can win a framed piece of art from DonP! (Some restrictions apply, but you can read all about them as the rules come out and this story progresses.

All we are saying for now is the contestants will include (and be limited to) those who “Follow” this Blog! You will need to either “Follow” or “Email Follow” the Blog. (Hint, hint hint, if you “Email Follow”, you will get more entries and have a better chance of winning!) Please trust us to know that your email address will never be “Spammed” by us! This is important to know! We will only use your email for notification of prize winnings and other important stuff. Never will we share your addresses with anyone nor advertise to you with junk!

So if you can trust us to this point, tell your friends about us and hopefully enjoy the perks of hearing about our adventures! So, for now, if you haven’t already, go to the bottom of any page in our Blog and “Follow” us! More details and “Rules” to come soon!

To recap, you must be logged as a “Follower” to win. And there will be random winners (Many can win!). But if you aren’t in the Followers list, you don’t have a “Shot in Hell”, so to speak! Oh, and to make if fair, follow me on FaceBook and that is how the winners will be chosen! Planned algorithms will be used. Make sure you answer when asked a question!

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