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RV Day 14, Deliver the RV Day

Monday, April 19, 2021

This morning, after a good night’s sleep in our own bed at home, we get up and drive the RV for the last time. First to a “Dump Station” where we empty the ‘Black Water’ and the ‘Grey Water’ Tanks and “Flush” the system. Then it’s off to fill the gas tanks and ‘Deliver’ the RV. Everything goes smoothly and we even get a refund that consists of a gas allowance plus something else that we haven’t figured out yet. All in all, it was a fun vacation!

RV Day 13

Sunday, April 18, 2021

We wake up in Primm, Nevada and hit the road after heating up yesterdays breakfast burrito and a cup of coffee. Shortly into our drive we pass into California and come across the Ivanpah Solar Project and I am just too curious. So we drive down an offramp and find a road that takes us right into the solar field. This place is an interesting feat of engineering. Instead of solar panels, it is acres of mirrors that direct the sunlight to three central towers that apparently collect the light and generate power. We’re intrigued that we were able to drive right into the solar fields.

We drive off into the California deserts and head for home. We get to Calico and I want a break from driving as the winds are strong today. So we visit the Ghost Town that was once a thriving Silver Mining Town. The theme park, “Knott’s Berry Farm” purchased the property several years ago and restored the buildings into a small theme park of sorts. A fun distraction for an hour and we eat lunch here.

The rest of the drive is fairly uneventful. We hit heavy traffic in the top half of Cajon Pass but it clears up in the bottom half. The last hour is smooth except for the horrible condition of the roads. California has the absolute worst condition roads of our entire drive.

We arrive home and unload our gear from the RV. We clean it out as per the instructions we were given when we picked it up. We will deliver it to El Monte RV in the morning and we are Home Sweet Home!