2019 Walker Canyon

Tuesday, March 19

So after a fun couple of days with friends in Big Bear, we found out there was a “Superbloom” happening all over Southern California and we chose to drive south to a place called Walker Canyon near Temecula where the Bloom was supposed to be spectacular. It did not disappoint!

A two mile hike into the canyon proved to have absolutely amazing views! As far as the eye can see! Mostly orange California Poppies. Native only to this region of the country, they bloom every year, but most years it is sporadic with dots of color here and there.

But every seven to ten years, we get this, “Superbloom” that follows a heavy rain year, which we had this year! We have seen Superblooms before and every time one occurs it is a marvel to see! This was my first Superbloom with good digital camera gear. The last one was early in the history of digital cameras and my equipment isn’t what it is now.

This Superbloom went for miles and miles in all directions and we thoroughly enjoyed the entire afternoon walking through the canyon! If you ever get the chance, go see one up close and personal!

Don’t forget to follow us for more fun days that we’ll share!

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