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Road Trip 2022 Day 18

Tybee Island Dolphin Boat Tour

Today we get up and check out of the hotel for the last time as we will travel home today. we find a breakfast restaurant and have a buffet breakfast consisting of eggs, hash browns and sausages and hot coffee.

We then head for the boat docks and check in to Captain Mike’s Dolphin Tours and are soon cruising out into the Atlantic where Bottlenose Dolphins swim around us and entertain us with their babies. Our cameras happily click away as we watch them frolic in the warm ocean water. In total we see literally dozens if not a hundred dolphins in a matter of an hour and it is a good day.

On the way back, Captain Mike takes us by an old lighthouse that is under restoration and our cameras are happy once more. We get back to the docks and depart with still plenty of time before we have to head for the airport so we head into the historic district of Savannah and look up the Pirates Restaurant that we saw on our tour the other day and go inside for drinks as the day has turned into a typical hot and humid one. While there the skies open up and deluge rain upon the city.

When it’s time to leave, the skies are still not cooperating and we have parked an unpleasant block and a half away. So I brave the elements and jog through the deluge to the car, getting no less than soaked to the skin to bring the car around to Elee to save her the same fate and we head off to the airport. Luckily for me, the mixture of heat and air conditioning in the car dry me off mostly by the time we reach the terminal.

We return the rental car and get into the airport, getting our bags checked in and get through security without any hassles and have time to stop in a bar in the terminal to await our flight. All in all, it has been a good if not tiring vacation. After 2 flights and a 1 AM arrival in Los Angeles, we finally get home around 2:30AM with a shuttle ride. Tired and exhausted, we retire for the night to awake and unpack in the morning!