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2023 Italy Day 05

Casteggio to Turino (Turin) Saturday, March 25

Today we awake and go down to a homemade breakfast by our host ladies. It is cured meats, cheeses, pastries, blood orange juice and coffee. They even cook me a couple of scrambles eggs! Discussion ensues and it turns out we are not only on a farm, but a winery!

We share winemaking in common and I get a tour of the facilities. Fascinating to say the least! They bottle over 20,000 bottles per year and are looking to market to the USA! I spend some time photographing their vineyards in the bright morning light!

But it is time to move on and we pack up and head out. We have a scant 1.5 hour drive to Turino (Turin) and we arrive there shortly. The views of the Alps covered in snow come into view and they are magnificent! I was driving so I have no photos of them. Maybe Elee will drive tomorrow and I’ll get some photos!

After getting into our latest AirB&B, we find a parking garage for our car. It turns out to be a fun room to stay in as it is called, “The Movie Room”! It also turns out that Turino is the capital of the movie industry in Italy! See the photo of our room!

We then head out on a walking tour of Turino and we soon come across several festivals happening. It is Saturday afternoon and the city is alive with thousands of people! There is a “DeeJay” Festival with lively music playing. We walk about and check it out but don’t opt to wait in line to enter. Instead, we check out a couple museums where the festival is taking place.

We then walk back in the direction of our AirB&B only to bump into a Chocolate Festival with hundreds of chocolate vendors selling their wares over about 5 city blocks! We walk on past that to find a large park filled with what appears to be a Farmer’s Market. We actually taste many wares and buy some fabulous salami’s to take with us.

We make it back to our room and rest for a half hour. Most restaurants in Italy don’t begin serving until 7PM. So at 7, we walk out and find a Pizzeria with a full Italian menu. I order a dish of paste specific to Turino called, “Agnolotti”, lamb filled small raviolis that were delicious! Elee ordered “Guancia”, Veal Cheeks cooked in red wine. Her meal was rather disappointing and we questioned if it was authentic as it had quite a lot of gristle and was chewy. Opposite of all we have ever heard of animal cheeks!

So after we both get our 10,000 steps in (more like 13,000 for me) we call it a night and head back to the Movie Room to retire! See you all tomorrow!

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