RV Day 1

A Tale of a Cross Country Adventure

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

So we found something to do in the Pandemic involving traveling! We get on a plane and travel two legs from LA to Chicago (ChiTown). Two legs? Yeah because since 911, it is almost impossible to get a non stop. Why? I have never figured that out.

Anyway, we make it to ChiTown at midnight their time. The Hotel Free Shuttles stop running at 11PM. So we hire a Taxi because we’re told it’s the cheapest option! We understand ‘Cheap’! So after waiting in the taxi line, we get a cab and get to our hotel around 1:15AM. (Only 11:15PM our local time) The hotel has some very chic decorations and my cameras are once again happy campers. We lay awake and watch a late night horror movie (which we would never do) and find we have to know what happens next!

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