RV Day 02

The Saga Begins!

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

The hotel graciously agrees to move back our check out time as we are “Honors” clients of Hilton and we check out in time to get to our RV appointment an hour early. Lucky for us, someone else is late to their appointment and we get our RV early!

We are scheduled to pick up a “Class ‘C'” RV, but they take us to ours and it is a “Class ‘A'”. Wow, big and luxurious and only 31 feet long. But on the highways, it feels like a Big Rig Truck as all the other Big Rigs blow us in and out of our lane, LOL.

We go through Tippecanoe and we learn something new about President William Henry Harrison (Tippecanoe). Then on down the road, we find a road on our route called “Wiggins Rd” and I remind myself of an online gaming friend who goes be the name of “Wonky Wiggins” and will remember to tell her, LOL

After we pick up the RV, we have to make a couple stops at the 99 Cent Store for a couple pots and pans and small items that the RV Store wanted $140 for, We make out for about $45. Another stop at WalMart For breakfast and lunch stuffs and we drive into West Lafayette, Indiana, home to Purdue University. We manage to find enough room to park the RV in the parking lot of a Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives Restaurant that is, unfortunately, closed because it is 9PM. So we find some Thai and Chinese Food that we take to go.

The RV is a Beast to drive and it acquires that nickname, “The Beast” from me. I work hard to understand the learning curve that I need to master to drive it. When a Semi starts to pass me, their ‘wind’ pushes me hard enough to make me leave my lane if I’m not careful. So, counter-intuitively, I have to steer The Beast towards the truck passing me to stay in my lane. When the Semi finishes his ‘pass’, then I have to steer away from him to avoid being sucked into his lane. Quite the lesson to learn!

We still have 1.5 hours to get to our first lodging, a Horse Farm run by a lady named “Candi”. We finally arrive around 11:20PM after navigating quite the maze of back roads according to our GPS guide, and we know she wants to go to bed already! But she is the ever gracious Host and helps us find a place to park the RV and shows us the water and electric hook ups. We bid her good night and get the RV set up. Some trouble is had with the water systems. We manage to fill the fresh water tank, but something is leaking water onto the ground. I hook up the water to the ‘City Water’ connection but it doesn’t put pressure into the RV. So we give up on having water for the night.

To bed we go and we decide to deal with our water issues in the morning!

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