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RV Day 3

Moving on Along!

Thursday, April 8, 2021

So we wake up a few times in the night to pouring rain. We wake in the morning to a refreshed day. Our Host, Candi, is up early and directing workers on the farm to build more RV Spots! She insists on having photos taken of us and we oblige her and take our own photos of her and us. I walk around the farm and shoot several shots of the scenery. We drive away in search of a locals breakfast restaurant that Candi recommends and with only a little difficulty, find it! But it turns out she had a meeting with someone across the street from the restaurant and she sees us walk in. So she finishes her meeting and comes and joins us for breakfast!

This morning, a call to the RV Store answers our questions about our water issue and everything is working fine in the RV now.

We chat amicable with Candi and swap stories of our travels. Then it is time to hit the road so we bid her ado.

Shortly after we head out, we go through the City of Brazil, Indiana. It reminds me of an online friend from Brazil. Jarbas, this was for you! We work our way to an area referred to as “Rockville” where there are dozens of old covered bridges and we visit a couple of them. These remind me of earlier days visiting New Hampshire and Vermont! Our cameras have become happy once again! Unfortunately, the bridges were replete with graffiti!

But we need to travel on if we going to have any chance of completing our journey on time. So we wend our way southwest to a City called “Casey” in Illinois. Here they have the Biggest Everything, the biggest Mailbox, the biggest Bird Cage, the biggest Pencil, the biggest Barber Pole, Rocking Chair, Teetertotter, Pitchfork, Golf Tee, among other things. So our cameras are entertained again as we capture these sights and walk around the town! It has turned quite chilly and we don our jackets and sweatshirts. Casey is the home of many of the world’s largest objects. They are mostly constructed using wood salvaged from old telephone poles and are on display throughout the town. A full time master carpenter, employed by a local trucking firm, does most of the woodwork.

We drive on to the city of Effingham, which sounds more like a curse than a city, but we find Tuscan Hills Winery where they allow us to park our RV overnight for free. So we patronize the winery (which is not hard to do) and start out with Wine Tasting Flights. My cameras take shots of the place and in a little while we go back in for Flatbread Pizzas and Wine for dinner. We have actually arrived here before 6PM and we hope to get a better nights sleep and get up early to be back on the road.

So we find ourselves in our RV, at the winery, and we are satiated and tired out for the evening. We finish up our Blog ideas and get ready to turn in. See you all tomorrow!

3 Responses to “RV Day 3”

  1. Monica Wilson

    You guys always find the fun places along the way! How funny to have a town known for its biggest everything. Sad that those beautiful covered bridges were covered in graffiti.



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