RV Day 6

Sunday, April 11, 2021

We wake up in Wakeeney, Kansas today in a KOA Kampground (correct spelling). We had full Hook Ups last night so we are able to refill our water tank and dump our black and grey tanks. We pack up and find a good breakfast restaurant down the street at “Jack & Chet’s” and we get our morning meal. We stop at the Dollar Store on the way to the Highway onramp and pick up a couple sundries. Like a corkscrew. LOL

It’s a windy morning. VERY windy! We fill up the gas tank to the tune of $100, seems to be the days rations. Then we hit the road and I cut my speed to 55 for the first hour to adjust to the wind. Driving The Beast today is a job. We can’t believe how many Semi’s are passing us at 75mph, the Speed Limit. After an hour, I feel comfortable kicking the speed up to 60. Semi’s keep passing us at 75. I fight the wheel and it fights back. We manage to trudge along at 60. I see a sign for “Goodland, KS”. I pull off for a break and we find the world’s largest Van Gogh Painting on the world’s largest easel. The easel is easily 60 feet tall and the painting is about 25 feet tall!

Okay, so I was able to relieve my driving concentration for 10-15 minutes. A welcome break. Back on the highway and there is about an hour and a half to our Kampground (correct spelling) and I hang onto the wheel and weather the traffic. I feel driving fatigue coming on again and I pull off the highway in Stanton, KS and tell Elee I need to stop. We are in a very tiny town and I pull off into a “Claremont Winery” parking lot. I guess I’m attracted to wineries? Who knew? The winery is closed for tasting but open for purchases! Elee finds a bottle of Pinot Grigio that we want for our Wine Varietal Happy Hour tomorrow night to happen online! I eat a sandwich (Elee makes great on the road sandwiches!) and take a catnap for a half hour. Then we get going again and make it easily to our Strasburg KOA (just east of Denver, CO) and set up the Hook Ups.

There is a BBQ Restaurant next door but Elee is tired of BBQ (Really??? I could never tire of BBQ) So we walk across the street to what appears to be a diner of sorts, named ‘Rookies’, and they offer Strip Steak and Rib Eye. Elee opts for chicken and reports it is very good. My Rib Eye is more like a very tough and flavorless strip steak and we mention it to the waitress. She tells the cook and the word comes back that the cook says it’s a Rib Eye. It seems we have insulted him. Oh well, Say La Vie!

It is approaching sunset and we spotted some fun photo subjects including “Covered wagons” that you can stay in at our little park along with some old abandoned railroad cars on abandoned sidings next to our campground and we get out the cameras that have been sorely neglected all day for the most part and we put them to work. They smile at us and purr and click. But it is quite cold. I have donned the hoodie to my sweatshirt. Our hands are in our pockets to stay warm. We walk back to the Kampgrounds and get in the RV for the evening.

I get my Blog notes together for the day and it is time to turn in. Our plan is to get up early in the morning and head up towards Estes National Park.

See you tomorrow!

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