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Road Trip 2022 Day 13

Goodlettsville TN to Kimball TN

We wake up at Juan and Stephanie’s bright and early today and go downstairs to find we are the only ones awake. we find the coffee and tea supplies and make our hot morning beverages and await Juan and Stephanie.

They join us shortly and our day starts. We go back into Nashville and they take us to a park where a replica of the Parthenon stands and our cameras are once again happy as we walk around the park. Then we drive through downtown Nashville in the daylight and see the difference from last night.

Once back to their house, we borrow Stephanie’s car and drive our rental car to a friend of Juan’s where a small repair is performed while we drive back into Nashville to the Grand Ole Opry where we have scored Back Stage Tickets for a tour. Such fun! We and our cameras are stoked for an hour and a half!

After the tour, we cross the street for a quick lunch. Who would have thought that the Grand Ole Opry was across the street from a mall? So Dave and Busters it is for lunch before driving to pick up our rental car and heading back to Juan’s house. There we pack up and thank our hosts before heading back out on the road towards Chattanooga as we need to keep moving on to stay on track for our vacation timing.

We decide to stop 20 minutes short of Chattanooga in a town called Kimball, TN for the night and find a hotel. After checking in, we pick up some sundries at a Walmart next door and then go into a Mexican restaurant called El Toril where it turned out it was Karaoke Night! So we turned down discounted Grand Ole Opry tickets for Mexican Karaoke! How could we have chosen better?

Well, it’s time to call it a night! See you all tomorrow!