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Road Trip 2022 Day 15

Atlanta GA to Macon GA

Waking up in Atlanta GA, we get the obligatory hotel breakfast and pack the car. We head out after talking to a hotel employee that told us we need to see Stone Mountain and we set our navigation to get there. It turns out it is a half hour out of the city but we go anyway. When we arrive, we pay the parking fees and find our way to the sky tram and also pay the tram tickets and board the tram up Stone Mountain.

Our cameras are happy and keep us busy all the way up and on the top as we walk around the very smooth granite surface. It feels like we are on the moon up here! We get views in the distance of Atlanta, Perimeter and other places. We take the tram down and drive on back to Atlanta to walk around downtown. A friendly local gives us advice as to where we might get some skytop photos but alas, the recommended locations are closed due to it being Monday.

We continue walking around and find a restaurant, “Reubens Deli” to get a couple of very authentic deli sandwiches and sit and enjoy them. The owner catches on that we are out of town and visits with us and we share stories of our lives and it is a very enjoyable experience! If you are ever in downtown Atlanta, you wouldn’t go wrong to look up Reubens Deli!

We move on and head out of town and drive to Macon, GA where we settle in for the night. See you all tomorrow!