Day 00 Italy

Stay Tuned!

To all my peeps out there, stay tuned for the next editions of the Blog! We are in Italy having a fabulous time! Touring, eating fabulous food, drinking outrageous wine! Then when we get back to whatever room we are staying in, we try to kick back a bit! But there is still Blog writing to do and uploading of the days photos!

So you may not start seeing our Blog Posts until we return home and have time to get the days photos married to the appropriate Blog Post and get it published!

But here is a fun shot of a Brazilian lady that we met at the train station and again on the train and again later, LOL She told us she was going swimming to show her boyfriend! We met up again at the end of the day and I showed her the photos. She was so excited and wants to see them all! Her name is Raffaely Luz Lima and she currently lives in Dublin and says the water here is great!

So look for the Italy Blog to start after April 10!

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