Egypt & Beyond Day 17, Quarantine

Saturday, October 29, 2022

Had a doctor come to our room this morning. Elee is feeling horrible and I’m not too well either. Elee is tested and sure enough, she has Covid. Because the test costs just shy of $200 US Dollars, I decide to not take the test. Elee has it and it’s likely I do too. The doctor gives us both a shot in the butt. After an hour I feel much better. Not so good for Elee. So we are quarantined in Amman, Jordan for 5 days. India is off the tour. Now we have to cancel flights and tours and find a flight home. The Embassy here is not open until tomorrow.

The next day I am much sicker. Seems I am just a day behind Elee on this. Room Service delivers meals to us and is very reasonable. For example, Breakfast is served for free downstairs in the dining room and they deliver that to us for free! Lunches and Dinner consist of sandwiches that we split and bowls of soup for the most part.

In Arabic countries, the work week is different than ours. They work Sunday through Thursday and have Fridays and Saturdays off. Saturday is their Holy Day. We extend our stay in the hotel an extra day with the promise of extending it a few more days. This is at least a good hotel to be stuck in, with a sitting room and a bedroom, so we have a place to eat besides on the bed! Researching flights home occupy much of our time. I do find time to get this Blog updated in preparation to start posting it.

We are consigned to watching the one and only English speaking channel on TV that shows movies all day. At least they don’t repeat many movies, there is usually a new one to watch. We do change occasionally to CNN for the fake world news, but mostly it’s movies and Room Service. We have a window that opens so we get fresh air every day. Cities in Jordan have a public “Call To Prayer” broadcast on loudspeakers 4 times each day. It is unintelligible to our ears but very interesting to listen to, almost mesmerizing!

So our days go, the same for the most part. A lot of time is spent in bed while we recover. We actually quarantine for 6 days because that is the most convenient way to get our flights home booked. 6 days later we are finished with quarantine and the hotel gets us a taxi to take to the airport. Here is a fun sign on our way to the airport!

We have a 2:45AM flight booked to Doha, Qatar (pronounced Cutter). Qatar airport is fun to walk through if you don’t count the 3 separate security stations which x-ray our backpacks at every step of the way! We are sure the heavy security revolves around the FIFA World Cup Games being hosted here in a few days! Then a 7AM flight booked direct to LAX. A 3 hour flight, 2 hour layover in Qatar and a 16 hour flight home. We land in LAX about 2:30PM on a Friday and it takes us until 6:30PM to get home, normally a one hour trip but with getting our luggage and a cab ride home in Friday Rush Hour traffic, it takes a while.

Finally home, we crash and start sleeping off the jetlag. It takes me 3-4 days to feel normal again. As for Elee, she now contracts the Flu which compounds her comfort for over another week!

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