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Egypt & Beyond Day 14, Lawrence of Arabia Meets Star Wars

Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Today is a busy day! We awake and get breakfast in the Bedouin Camp and have a little time to take some photos around the Camp. Fun note as to how they handle the dirty dishes and carry them away! And fabric covers everything!

Then we climb into open pickups loaded with seats for 6 in the back of each. We are taken for an off road adventure into the dunes of Wadi Rum. You have all seen this place. It is where they filmed Lawrence of Arabia, Star Wars (Tatooine), Dune and other movies. It is as desolate in real life as it is in the movies! We get to walk in the dunes and even some people try to run! We stop at a rock formation that resembles The Titanic sinking and we all climb it!

We stop for tea at another Bedouin Camp that tries to sell us their wares. A few purchases are made but not many. The different types of Bedouin Camps are interesting to drive past.

Then it’s back to Camp where we check out and load back onto our bus. We drive for an hour and a half to a place called the Citadel which requires a lot of walking uphill and down. The group ops not to visit. So we see the World’s Smallest Hotel (one room outdoors, LOL, in an old VW).

On the way to our next hotel, we stop at an old train station. Any of you who watch The Amazing Race might recognize it from a few weeks ago as they had an episode in Jordan! We are given 2 hours to freshen up at our hotel for the next 2 days, the Petra Canyon Hotel, easily a 5 Star Hotel but slated as 4. and rest before boarding our bus again for dinner and it is good! I have Lamb Sawany, a lamb type stew, and Elee has fish.

We leave dinner at 8PM and enter Petra (Only a 5 minute ride from our hotel) for a night hike that does not disappoint, except for the 2 kilometer hike each way. We get to the Treasury totally exhausted but it is lit up in changing colors and a treat for our camera lenses!

We walk back out, slowly because it is now uphill and we are tired. But we make it back to the bus in time and ride back to the hotel. Now to write this Blog and upload photos and we say goodnight!