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Egypt & Beyond Day 03, Who Needs Luggage?

Saturday, October 14, 2022, Cairo

I order an Egyptian Beer in the airport and I don’t realize what a treat it will be for the next week or more. But I’m getting ahead of myself. I remember back to last night and the view from our hotel room.

We wake up and it wasn’t a dream. The Pyramids are still there! Somewhat hazy and dirty air surrounds them though. There is a 3rd pyramid back in the distance that we can see in the daylight also. This a very dirty 3rd world city and incomplete buildings are everywhere. We notice that the roads around our hotel are not paved. We hadn’t noticed that last night.

Breakfast is brought to our room at 10AM as promised and it is quite tasty, consisting of homemade bread, omelette, olives and goat cheese and marmalade. Coffee is also hot. We dine overlooking the view although the air is quite dirty and at one point the pyramids get clouded over for an hour.

We check out and the hotel driver takes us down the street to our next hotel, the Oasis Hotel, in the neighboring city of Giza. Much nicer hotel minus the view. This is where our Tour will begin.

But with no word yet on our lost luggage, our tour guide takes us to a large local mall and leaves us for 2 hours. We shop frantically to get the necessary clothing and sundries to carry us for a few days along with a pair of small rolling suitcases. I am more successful than Elee as finding things for women in Egypt is a bit more difficult than finding things for men.

Back to the hotel for a 6 PM Tour Briefing, we then board a bus that takes us to a Dinner Cruise on the Nile and includes live Egyptian drummers, a Belly Dancer and even a Whirling Dervish! We chat amicably with fellow Tour Mates and thouroghly enjoy the shows!

Then it’s back to the hotel where we get the sad news that our luggage still hasn’t arrived. So it’s overseas phone calls to try to rectify the problem as we pack up our meager belongings and head to bed as we have a 6 AM wake up call to go tour the Pyramids!

Good night all!