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Egypt & Beyond Day 11, Dahab, Sinai Peninsula

Sunday, October 23, 2022

We awake at 6 for a shower and breakfast prior to departing for the airport at 7 where we will catch a domestic flight from Cairo to Dahab, Egypt for the next couple days. We decided on the fly a few days ago to take this flight as opposed to the 10 hour bus ride that is the other option. The morning is uneventful and everything goes as planned. We leave our new Egyptian luggage behind and our travel company promises to find good homes for them.

We arrive in Dahab on time and a van takes us to our new hotel/resort (a two hour drive!), Dahab Paradise and it makes us think we are in the tropics. Take note of the speed limit signs and since I was sitting behind the driver, I took the opportunity to photograph the speedometer! Also note that while some people have a lucky rabbits foot hanging in their car, the driver had a ‘Lucky Chili Pepper’! At the Resort, we enjoy a BBQ lunch cooked by a very good chef and all is good. Beer is Pilsner Style and the thought of an IPA Style is totally off the table in Egypt! Then a bus arrives carrying the half of our group that chose the bus ride way of getting here. They have been on that bus since 2:30AM and are just arriving at 2 PM. They have horror stories of inadequate accommodations, no bathrooms, vehicle breakdowns and totally rude passengers. We are so glad we chose to fly! $100 well spent! Add to that some fun popular brands with labels in Arabic!

We have a short rest in our room that overlooks the pool and Bay of Aqaba and then load into jeeps to go into town (another dirty 3rd world place) and get fitted for snorkel gear while other passengers set off to go quad riding. We don’t choose that option. Then the rest of the day is ours and we relax around the pool, take a nap, and go to dinner.

A fun part of the day is that our guide, Mo, has decided to travel to Dahab with us for his vacation. We suspect the travel company has sent him to keep an eye on us because there have been some company issues this last week that has put a black mark on the company and we think he is here to make sure things go okay.

Even though several of the tour group barrage him like he is still our guide, I remind them that he is on vacation and to let him be. Elee and I treat him like a good friend for that is how we see him. I wish Mo well in all he chooses to do in life! Of all the tour guides we have had around the world, we will remember him well! All the best, Mo!

Time to turn in so good night all!