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Egypt & Beyond Day 12, Snorkling in a Blue Hole!

Monday, October 24, 2022

Today sees us up at 6AM for breakfast and a 7:30AM departure for our one and only excursion today. Only taking the GoPro for photos today. We don our swimsuits for a wet morning and off we go for a mile ride in crowded jeeps.

We arrive and are handed our snorkeling gear that we were measured for yesterday and are given instructions to put the gear on. We are no strangers to snorkeling, so this is easy peasy for us! Now for a short quarter mile walk to where we will enter the water in a world famous Blue Hole! I posted a video to Facebook to save the video space here!

We put our flippers on and spit into our masks and get ready. I have my GoPro on a head strap and I slip into the water. Immediately the lens of the GoPro is assaulted with the gorgeous blue water and coral reefs abound. Swimming along, the wall of the blue hole, stunning with coral and colorful fish, the blue water deepens with color as it falls off towards its 1800 Meter depth! Yes, this Blue Hole is estimated to be 1800 Meters deep! That is over a mile!

The water is crystal clear and the video comes out fabulous! I swim along the edge and at one point the hole opens up and I swim across part of it. I come across a set of Free Divers going up and down ropes and feature them in the video for a minute. Then it is back to shore for me and my swim is over. But all in all it was as beautiful as any one day in the Galapagos!

Back on land, I am served a cup of Turkish Coffee that is delicious! We all dry off and head back to the resort hotel and the rest of the day is ours to relax. I unpack and repack my bag for Royal Jordanian had rummaged through it prior to shipping our bags to us and the contents have become totally askew.

A bowl of tomato soup for lunch is quite tasty and then to hang by the pool and visit with new friends for a while. To my room for a much desired nap and all is good!

Our room has a balcony that overlooks the hotel pool and out to the Gulf of Aqaba! Several photos, a visit with a friendly 30 yo couple, Iman and Nicola that are leaving to go home tomorrow and then it’s time for dinner. A shared Fish Combination Plate later, more conversation with new friends, including Mo, and it’s off to the room to write this Blog and kick back for the night.

Our call time in the morning is 9AM so we will get a much loved ‘Lay-in’ for a change! Good night All!