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RV Day 8

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

We wake up in the parking lot of Breckinridge Brewery and the winds have blown strong all night. Luckily, we have managed to sleep through the night. It is so cold that we have kept the generator running all night to keep warm. We wake to a somewhat comfortable space and I arise early and shower in the modest, yet useable shower.

While we get ready for our day, Elee heats up Breakfast Burritos left over from yesterday’s restaurant breakfast. They are almost as tasty as the were fresh and we enjoy them!

We drive away from beautiful Breckenridge and go west long the 70 Highway. The scenery of Colorado’s mountains is breathtaking! After only a couple hours, and many tunnels later, we arrive in Grand Junction, CO. It is time for a break and lunch. So we leave the highway and look up a winery that we spotted. Hermosa Vineyards Winery. We pull up and I turn the RV around which has become easier. We walk up to the winery and all of a sudden the doors slide apart magically. The winemaker meets us personally and we partake of a wine tasting of his 7 featured wines.

We like his white, one of his reds (a Malbec) and his dessert wine, a Cherry Wine! We don’t normally like sweet dessert wines but this was very good! We end up walking out with a Malbec and his White Blend and a recommendation for a lunch restaurant. We look it up and end up having lunch at Rockslide Brewery where we kibitz with the waiter and have fun. We both order Bison Burgers and I order mine with jalapenos. Wonderful lunch!

Then we gas up the RV ($150) and get sundries in Paradise, Co (near Grand Junction) and shopped for a few incidentals that we need. We then head along and find our way onto the 70 Hwy and head towards Moab, Utah. Have you ever heard of a place with no name? How about a place named, “No Name”? We find route 128 off the 70 and it drives along the Colorado River. It is a very scenic view! Fun ride and the RV handles it very well!

We finally arrive in Arches National Park and we drive into the park and found several Arches to shoot near Sunset. Too bad for us that sunset is much less than great as a lot of cloud cover abounds! But we plan to spend the next 36 hours here and hope to find some fun stuff!

We never tried to book campsites in advance here. Who wants to come to this area in April? Well, we found out the hard way that hundreds of people come here this time of year! All the campsites are full to overflowing! So with several phone calls, we found a campsite a few miles north of Arches for the night. We are settled in and we’ll see you tomorrow!

One Response to “RV Day 8”

  1. simonesreisewelt

    Love your photos especially of Colorado, where I spend a year of my life, and Arches NP. 😊 This was 20 years ago, I think it is time to go back, looking at your pics.

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