RV Day 9

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

We awake in the campground in Moab after trying to see sunset last night but it was too overcast. We have enough doggie bags in the fridge to make a breakfast. Then we head straight back into Arches National Park to start our tour.

We drive The Beast of a RV back up into the park. The good thing is that I am getting much more comfortable driving it. We stop at a couple Arch Viewing sites and shoot some photos, but basically head for the far end of the Park. It was a wise choice as the crowds are building and we barely find room to park our beast. But we do and we head out on a short hike along Devil’s Garden Trail to see Pine Tree Arch, Tunnel Arch & Landscape Arch. The short hike turns a bit longer before we get to Landscape Arch. But it is worth it.

After have a couple sandwiches in the RV, we head back through the Park, stopping at various sites including Fiery Furnace, a place named for the color of the rocks during sunset.

Several stops keep our cameras purring happily and All are happy! Fiery Furnace is named for the color of the place near sunset. We also find what is referred to as “Balanced Rock”. Can you find it?

We also stop at an area called Courthouse Towers and as we are about to take a few photos, we chat pleasantly with a couple that are from Pasadena, CA. We have quite the pleasant chat with apparently like-minded people and we even exchange info! So we may even see them at some upcoming gathering back home!

We photograph the area and get back in the RV. It is late afternoon and we leave the Park and head into Moab, just a few miles down the road. We find Moab Brewery and have an early dinner. Then we head back into Arches to try to catch a sunset. We stop at Window Arches and Double Arch and get some successful sunset shots along with what appears to be a Wedding Shoot!

Our cameras are very happy with us and we head out and back to our campsite. Once set back up with water and electricity, we kick back and wind down from the day. Even though I have become more comfortable with driving the RV, it is still a job!

Good night and see you tomorrow!

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