RV Day 10

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Waking up this morning in Moab, Utah just outside of Arches National Park, we get up and pack up the RV and hit the road. We have decided not to head for the Grand Canyon because of their no camera policy on their glass walkway. So, instead, we head for a route that a friend has suggested and he didn’t steer us wrong!

We leave the major highways behind and head down Route 24 out of Green River, Utah and toward Hanksville. Looking forward we see a very mean looking stormfront that covers everything in front of us. A bit scary looking but beautiful also. Our cameras soak up the glory of recording what we are looking at. Spectacular images! When we finally get to the storm, we are pelted with quarter inch hail. The windshield appears like we are driving through a snowstorm. The ground outside in all directions has turned white with an accumulation of hail. It is simply spectacular to watch. I have slowed the RV to a literal crawl and we trudge on. This only lasts less than 20 minutes and either the storm abates or we finish driving through it.

A half hour later, we arrive in Hanksville, a quaint little town in the middle of nowhere. We stop at a small market to stock up on water and other sundries we are running out of. Then we go to a small restaurant for a bite to eat. Sliderock Cafe is a nice little place where I have a BBQ Brisket Burrito and Elee has a burger. While we are there, the place has WiFi and we actually Close on our purchase of two Condos in South Carolina! Everything is handled through “DocuSign”, an online legal document signing company. Even two years ago, I would have never thought this possible! We are now the proud official owners of these Condos!

We get back in the rig and drive west into Capital Reef National Park and the scenery is fantastic! Our friend certainly did not steer us wrong. We turn on Route 12 and drive south now, still in Capital Reef. The road takes us up to the top ridge and a chain of mountains and we drive along through changing terrain but all of it qualifies as ‘Eye Candy’. At one point, the road sits atop a ridge where both sides of the road drop of into sheer cliffs on both sides. Absolutely awesome!

Eventually, we drop down into Boulder, Utah and then into Escalante where we finally find a campground to set up in. We buy a pizza and take it to our campsite with us and have dinner. I can’t wait to start editing all the photos from this trip but I’ll start that after arriving home.

Good night all and we’ll see you in the morning!

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