RV Day 11

Friday, April 16, 2021

Waking up in Escalante, Utah, the location of the “Grand Staircase”, whatever that is. We never find out because we need to keep moving. So we find the one and only restaurant that is open and has breakfast food and we order Breakfast Bagels to go. Outside the restaurant we get a couple shots of a Vulture sunning itself in the early morning light!

We eat in the RV before driving on. (I can’t eat AND drive The Beast at the same time!) It takes us one hour to get near to Bryce Canyon National Park. We stop in a lot that announces “Mossy Cave” and take a short hike to it and a waterfall. Neither one impresses much, but hey, it’s a fun hike!

We soon find out that Bryce Canyon National Park is not very RV friendly and parking The Beast is difficult. We finally find a place near the visitor center to slip into and are grateful for that.

But now it is hike or take the Shuttle. The Shuttle wins. It is free and takes you around to all the viewing sites! They run every 10-15 minutes like clockwork. We get out at the farthest site, Bryce Point, that we are taken to first and we get off and walk around and thrill our cameras with activity! We wanted to hike the Rim Trail back to the next site, but this section is closed due to snow and ice, even though it is still April.

So we get back on the next Shuttle and ride to Inspiration Point and get off again. This site is aptly named for it is very inspiring! From here the Rim Trail is open and we hike it back to the next site, Sunset Point. My camera worked like a dog, (whatever that expression means, LOL).

We decide we need to move along, so we get on the next Shuttle and ride it back to the Visitor Center where The Beast is parked. As we prepare to drive out a snowstorm begins and we watch the spectacle as the swirling snowflakes increase in volume. We drive away, windshield wipers pushing the snow aside. As we leave the Park the road goes downhill and the snow stops.

In the Park, we found a pretty little friend, hoping to get a free handout of food, which we did not have!

We drive on through the gorgeous scenery and eventually make it to Hurricane, Utah, where we look for a place to stay.

We find an RV Park in Hurricane and it turns out to be the best looking RV Park we have ever seen! Manicured lawns and paved roads make it look better that most mobile home parks! We check in and find our spot and then it’s off into town to find food.

We find the “Stage Coach Grill” and are informed it it a 2 hour wait for a table. So we put our names in and sit outside in the cool air to wait. We chat amicably with a couple from Cleveland, Ohio, that has the same dilemma that we do and we get along great! Someone has a great idea and the gentleman we are chatting with goes inside. He comes out with great news that if we share a table and eat together, the wait won’t even be an hour! It is chilly and we invite them to come to our RV and visit while we wait. We no sooner get in the RV and pop out the side and begin to visit and we get the call that our table is ready! So we all go in the restaurant and continue our visit over dinner. Are we worried about Covid, you may ask? Not at all! Elee and I are long since vaccinated and so is the other couple. We spend a very fun evening making new friends!

Then we head back and set up the RV for the night and get a good night’s sleep. See you tomorrow!

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